Finding partners in Brazil


The National Institutes of Science and Technology (INCT) should promote the advancement of the country's competence in their respective areas of expertise and are expected to create attractive and stimulating environment for talented students of different levels, from high-school to post-graduate. The program is also directly responsible for (a) training young researchers, (b) supporting the installation and operation of laboratories in educational institutions and research centers, (c) establishing programs that contribute to the improvement of science education and dissemination of science to ordinary people, and (d) qualifiying the country in their priority areas for regional and national development. (in Portuguese)

Lattes Platform

An integrated database that enables the search for individuals, research groups and Research & Development institutions into a single Information System. Presently, the Platform has more than 135,000 million investigators' CVs stored.;jsessionid=32BD518043824C27262993DDBFFDA867.node7
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Research Groups Database

Research groups formed by personnel from different institutions but regularly working together as a web can also be assessed in the Directory of Research Groups. (in Portuguese)

Institutions of Science and Technology

It is also possible to search for Brazilian institutions actively involved in the country´s Science & Technology system at the Directory of Institutions. (in Portuguese)