Full PhD


To require a Full Doctorate fellowship, the candidate must submit the proposal by two ways:

1º) You can contact the Science without Borders’ partners in the destination country. See our parter abroad clicking here (in portuguese). Currently, we have negotiated graduate positions with European Union, UK, USA, Canada and others countries.

2º) You can contact directly the university/institutions that you wish to study to obtain a Conditional Acceptance Letter.

For implementation of the approved grant, the candidate must obtain acceptance from the University / Institution abroad to start activities in the period corresponding to the current demand, in other words, the schedule in which it competes. 

Upon registration, the applicant must attach the proposed curriculum of the possible mentor/supervisor, unless directed otherwise constant Specific Call.

 See Calendar Call for 2015 (avaliable in portuguese).

 1) Who Can Participate

The scholarships are intended to candidates of proven academic performance and potential and candidates who have been approved for foreign institution of excellence. For the modality of Full Doctorate scholarship, some institutions do not require a master's degree.

It aims to train doctors abroad in institutions with recognized level of excellence in knowledge areas considered cutting-edge scientific and technological, those in which the graduate is deficient in the country or even in priority areas shown below in the Science without Borders Program.

  • Engineering and other technological areas
  • Pure and Natural Sciences
  • Health and Biomedical Sciences
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Aerospace
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Sustainable Agricultural Production
  • Oil, Gas and Coal
  • Renewable Energy
  • Biotechnology
  • Nanotechnology and New Materials
  • Technology for prevention and mitigation of natural disasters
  • Biodiversity and bioprospection
  • Marine Sciences
  • Minerals
  • New technologies for constructive engineering
  • Formation of technical personnel 

The person responsible for submitting the proposal for Full PhD abroad is the candidate himself.

2) Candidate Requirements and Selection Criteria

a) Being Brazilian or foreigner with permanent visa in Brazil;

b) It is forbidden to grant full doctoral scholarship overseas to the applicant who is a regular student of graduate school in Brazil or who already have a doctorate.

d) Have formal language proficiency required for the course, with the score required by the foreign institution, if applicable;

e) Do not accumulate this scholarships with other scholarships with funds from the National Treasury.

f) Have been approved after consideration of merit in evaluation by Advisory Committees composed of experts in innovation and technology and, if necessary, in an interview for a specific committee;

g) Justify the option of making the full doctorate abroad, the relevance of research topic for the development of the area within the Science without Borders.

h) Master degree is not necessary to submitt a full PhD proposal, but the canditate have to ensure that this degree is not required by Host Institution abroad.

3) Essential Documents for registration:

a) Proposal Form Online;

b) Curriculum updated at Lattes Platform;

c) Curriculum of the supervisor abroad;

d) Undegraduate and Master Transcription Report, when appropriate;

e) Work Plan or Pre-project in Portuguese, with a schedule for the entire period of the course, and prediction of field research, when appropriate;

f) Statement of interest on the part of the supervisor abroad;

g) Letter of Acceptance, even if provisional or conditional, by the institution abroad. This latter must have the follow minimun  content and have to be issued by International office or equivalent ofice: Supervisor and PhD Program Name, Period of PhD activities, Language Requiriments, expected Tuition fee and Bench Fee amount will be charged during the Full PhD period.

NOTE 1: Receipt valid language proficiency level required by the host institution and the Final Acceptance Letter overseas institution will be requested after the announcement of the result of the selection process, according to a statement sent instructions to the candidate.

4) Benefits

a) Air Tickets Allowance;

b) Monthly living stipend;

c) Settlement Allowance;

d) Health insurance Allowance;

e) Tuition and fees required by the institution, except those relating to events, sports associations, students, parking, insurance of “bad professional practice"and transportation*.

NOTE 1 - The benefits offered are set out in Values Tables of Fellowships.

a) Will be effected in the current account deposit in Brazil's fellowship funds for the airfare for your travel abroad and for a dependent, as appropriate.

b) There will be no reimbursement to the values greater than deposited. The costs from the change of excerpts originally planned in the itinerary or dates of travel, borne by the grantee.

c) The Full Doctorate Fellow that comes to marry during the term of the scholarship will not be entitled to the dependent one-way ticket, but only the back, on the occasion of his return to Brazil.

d) Will be deposited in the current account of the scholarship abroad, upon request, with at least 30 (thirty) days before the return date, the funds for airfare for your return to Brazil and for a dependent, as appropriate.

e) After sixty (60) days from the date of the end of the fellowship and found the non-solicitation of funds for acquiring the ticket back, the fellow will lose the right to such benefit.

f) In the exceptional case in which the fellow does not return in time, to maintain the benefit of funds for passage back to Brazil, the grantee will need, before the expiry of such period, request additional authorization justifying the stay abroad.

g) Shall be guaranteed the right to the scholarship funds for passage back interrupt occurs when the course at the initiative of host institution or other reasons such as cancellation of the scholarship or health problem is proven, within a maximum of 90 (ninety) days from the occurrence of the interruption and always at the discretion of Science Without Borders Program.

h) There will be no cover for ground displacements.

i) Are solely the responsibility of the grantee arrangements regarding the purchase of tickets, also considering the possibility of changes snippet and other eventualities. It’s canceled the way for aid if the fellow traveling more than 30 days before the implementation date of the grant.

6) Duration of scholarship

  • Up to 48 months. If you have already started the Ph.D. prior to the award of the scholarship shall be deducted the period attended.


7) Documents to be obtained and maintained by the grantee in his charge until the end of the process (no need to send them on the registration form)

  • Formal consent of the employer for the period of the internship. If Federal Public Servant, observe the provisions of Law No. 8.112/90 and provisions of Decree 5.707/06, Article 9;
  • Permanent visa in Brazil, where foreign researcher;
  • Visa for the country of destination in the appropriate category to activities that will take place abroad.

8) Monitoring and Evaluation

8.1. The evaluation of the scholarship will be made annually, upon presentation of the documents listed in subsection 8.2 to executing institution without Frontiers Science without Borders Program, according to the schedule for which is inscribed within a minimum of ninety (90) days before the expiration of each year of the grant, as mentioned in the letter sent to the scholarship benefits.

8.2. Documents needed for monitoring and evaluation to be sent to the executing institution:

  • Technical report of activities;
  • Work plan for the subsequent period;
  • Transcripts of PhD;
  • Concordance of foreign supervisor with the proposed work plan;
  • Report of Specialist Ad hoc on the performance of PhD fellow, by filling out a special form.

8.3. Failure to submit the documents referred to in subsection 8.2 will result in suspension of the grant. If the omission remains for ninety (90) days, or until the completion of the period of twelve (12) months, the scholarship will be canceled.

8.4. If the fellow’s performance is considered unsatisfactory, the scholarship will be canceled.

8.5 During the PhD, the grantee must follow the guidelines that will be provided by the executing institution Science without Borders Program, observing deadlines and documentation required for the arrangements regarding the financial effects of the exchange monitoring studies, until the return to Brazil and the closure of the process.

8.6. The Science Without Borders Program reserves the right to suspend or terminate the scholarship at any time, depending on the course withdrawal without proper consent of the Program, the low academic performance of the fellow or arising out of any situation considered unflattering and may also be required to return all or part of the public investment made.

8.7. Discontinuation of study will result in the obligation to repay amounts expended in the fellowship, unless prompted by fortuitous events, force majeure circumstance outside their will or serious illness duly attested. The evaluation of these conditions is subject to approval by the CNPq and CAPES.

8.8. At the end of the fellowship period, "Ciência sem Fronteiras" Program expects that the grantee has complied fully with the PhD program abroad and return to Brazil with the title obtained by the deadlines established in the concession.

8.9. The grantee shall return to Brazil within thirty days after the end of the period for the scholarship or after the thesis’ defense, if it is early, and here to stay, at least for a period equal to the exchange and exercise related activities the studies. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the obligation to reimburse all expenses incurred, up to date on the payment date, unless, in the judgment of the Science Without Borders Program, develop activity is of great importance and interest to Brazil. The return period may be extended to 60 days after the thesis defense, through formal authorization of the executing institution Science without Borders Program.

8.10. To settle the claim are required accountability and fulfillment of any charges, whether financial or documentary, as may be necessary.

9) How to participate

·                 Calls are open for public periodic national award these grants.


10) Target for full doctorate

·                 Goal: granting 9790 scholarships until 2015.


11) Open Calls

·                 Call for PhD scholarships Full Abroad


12) Proposal Worflow

  ·                 See how easy is to participate


In this program, the scholarships  modalities awarded in PhD level are Sandwich PhD (cover up to 12 months) and Full PhD (cover up to 48 months), According CNPq's rules and policies, tuition and Bench fees can be provided by SwB Program in the PhD level. Nevertheless, Regarding the tuition fees, CNPq considers that compulsory expenses can be invoiced and payed by us, except for the following below, even if invoiced as tuition fees, whose students have to pay with own monthly stipend: 

- purchase items, like uniforms or safety equipment.
- participate in program related activities, like clinical placements, excursions, Congress, Events, internships and externships.
- undertake immunisations/vaccinations.
- Parking  and Transportation fees (including on campus transportation service)
- Language courses fees
- Life and Health Insurance fees
- Medical Services fees
- Societies and unions fees
- Sport Activities fees
- Office material and services (photocopies, Documents and Diploma issuing)