Post Doctorate


To request a Post doctorate scholarship, the candidate may submit the application in two ways: through contact partners of Science without Borders Program in the country of destination or direct contact with the university / institution of their choice.

For implementation of the approved grant, the applicant must obtain acceptance from the University/Institution abroad to start activities in the period corresponding to the current demand, in other words, the schedule in which it competes. To learn about opportunities abroad and offers click hereMake your entry by clicking here.

Upon registration, the applicant must attach the proposed curriculum supervisor as possible, unless directed otherwise constant Specific Call.

See here the Calling Calendar for 2013.


1) Who can participate?

Doctors with an interest in upgrading their skills through training and development project containing scientific or technological innovative and cutting edge in overseas institution of internationally recognized level of excellence in Priority Areas of Science without Borders Program.

The person responsible for registration in the selection process of Postgraduate scholarship abroad is the candidate himself.

2) Selection criteria and requirements of the candidate

a) Being Brazilian or foreigner with permanent visa in Brazil;

b) Have a doctoral degree, by the deadline of registration;

c) Have been approved after consideration of merit in evaluation by Advisory Committees composed of experts in innovation and technology;

d) Dedicate yourself fully to the scheduled activities at the host institution;

e) To former doctoral fellow abroad, observe the minimum stay in Brazil required by the institution that granted the scholarship;

f) Do not accumulate this scholarship with other scholarships with funds from the National Treasury.

3) Requirements supervisor abroad

a) Have recognized professional competence.

4) Benefits

a) Aid to buy tickets;

b) Scholarship;

c) Settling-in allowance;

d) Assistance for purchase health insurance.

No benefits dependent

There is no provision for payment of fees and tuition bench.

5) Documents needed for enrollment

a) Proposal Form Online;

b) Curriculum of the candidate updated at Lattes ;

c) Curriculum of the supervisor abroad;

d) Syllabus in Portuguese, with timeline for the entire period of the internship;

e) Demonstration of the supervisor for the proposed activities.

f) Letter stating that the candidate possesses fluency in the language to be used in post-doctoral.

NOTE 1: Letter of Acceptance of the foreign institution will be requested after the announcement of the result of the selection process.

6) Documents to be obtained and maintained by the grantee in his charge until the end of the process (no need to send them on the registration form)

a) Consent formal employer for the period of the internship. If Federal Public Servant, observe the provisions of Law No. 8.112/90 and provisions of Decree 5.707/06, Article 9;

b) Permanent visa in Brazil, in case of foreign researcher;

c) As for the country of destination in the appropriate category to activities that will take place abroad.

7) Duration of scholarship

6 to 12 months, extendable up to 24 months

8) How to participate

Calls are open for public periodic national award these grants.

9) Goal for Postdoctoral;

Goal: granting 8.900 scholarships by 2015.

10) Open Calls

Callfor postdoctorare scholarship abroad