Visitor PhD Student (Sandwich)


To require a Sandwich Doctorate scholarship, the candidate must submit the enrollment by two ways: contacting the Science without Borders’ partners in the destination country or contact the university/institutions that you wish to study.

Contact the Science without Borders’ partners abroad, check the available opportunities in each country and apply here, if you have not defined the institution abroad to execute de Doctorate Sandwich.

The candidates that already have a letter of acceptance or expressions of interest from possible outside advisor should sign up here.

Check if your project fits in the Priority Areas of the Science without Borders Program, otherwise, submit your project to regular calls of CAPES and CNPq. The areas of knowledge not covered are also presented on the registration form; it is possible to consider proposals for products and processes of technological innovation.

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  1. Who can participate?

Students regularly enrolled, at least one year, in a doctorate course that attests unequivocal qualification to enjoy abroad the opportunity to further theoretical, collection and / or data processing or partial development of the experimental part of his thesis to be defended in Brazil.


The person responsible for submitting the proposal to grant doctoral sandwich abroad is the candidate himself.


  1. Selection criteria and requirements for beneficiary:

a) Have proficiency in the language required by the Institution of destination stated by co-supervisor abroad;

b) Have approval of the coordinator of graduate school and counselors in the country and abroad, for the effective period of the fellowship;

c) Being Brazilian or foreigner with permanent visa in Brazil;

d) Do not exceed the total period of the doctorate, according to the statutory deadline for the ongoing defense of the thesis, and the residence time abroad is expected to remain at least 6 months in Brazil for the final drafting and defense of thesis;

e) Have completed a number of credits for the doctoral program that is compatible with the prospect of completing the course in a timely manner after the completion of the internship abroad;

f) Have been approved after consideration of merit in evaluation by Advisory Committees composed of experts in innovation and technology of the Science without Borders Program. The approval will depend on meeting the criteria of Priority Areas, valuing innovation aspects;

g) Do not accumulate this scholarship with other scholarships with funds from the National Treasury.

3.  Requirements for the advisor in Brazil:

a) Comply with the referral of the proposal, and

b) Have professional interaction with the supervisor abroad.


4.  Requirements for co-advisor at the institution abroad

a) Being a researcher with academic production consolidated and relevant to further development of the doctoral thesis.

 5. Documents needed for enrollment

  • Proposal Form Online;
  • Candidate's Resume (CV) updated at Lattes Platform;
  • Curriculum of the possible co-supervisor abroad;
  • Transcript report of undergraduate school;
  • Work Plan in Portuguese, with timeline for the grant period;
  • Expressions of interest or accept the co-supervisor abroad.
  • Acceptence Letter from the host institution containing Tuition and Fees charged to each year. 

NOTE 1: Final Letter of Acceptance of the institution or co-supervisor abroad will be requested after the announcement of the result of the selection process, consisting in drafting month / year of start and end of activities.

 6. Benefits

  • Air tickets allowance;
  • Monthly Stipend to cover living expensives;
  • Settlement Allowance;
  • Health insurence Allawance;
  • Tuition and fees (if applicable)*;
  • Bench fee (when justified in the project and informed on the submission form). Theis fee is paid to the host institution directly by INVOICE and cover Lab material and reagents and special services. 

 There are no benefits for dependents.


7. Duration of the scholarship


3 (three) to 12 (twelve) months abroad.


8.  Documents to be obtained and maintained by the grantee in his charge until the end of the process, and can be requested at any time (please do not send with the application form)


- Proof of passing the qualifying examination or thesis project (presented upon entry into the PhD);

 - Consent formal course coordinator graduate to which it is affiliated;

 - Concordance of the supervisor or team leader with the proposed activities;

 - Confirmation by the co-supervisor of the foreign language skills of the destination country is sufficient for the development of the planned activities;

 - If Civil Servants, formal consent of the employer for the period of the internship. For civil servants at the Federal observe the provisions of Law 8.112/90 and provisions of Decree 5.707/06, Article 9;

 - Visa to the country of destination in the appropriate category to activities that will take place abroad;

 - Permanent visa in Brazil updated, if you are foreign.


9. How to participate

National Public Calls will be open periodically for granting scholarships, which will be aimed at graduate courses with a grade greater than or equal to 3 in the evaluation of Capes.


10. Target for sandwich doctorate

· Goal: 24,600 grant scholarships by 2015.


11. Open Calls

Call for Doctoral Sandwich Scholarship Abroad


12. Proposal workflow

See how easy is to participate


In this program, the scholarships  modalities awarded in PhD level are Sandwich PhD (cover up to 12 months) and Full PhD (cover up to 48 months), According CNPq's rules and policies, tuition and Bench fees can be provided by SwB Program in the PhD level. Nevertheless, regarding the tuition fees, CNPq considers that compulsory expenses can be invoiced and payed by us, except for the following below, even if invoiced as tuition fees, whose students have to pay with own monthly stipend: 

- purchase items, like uniforms or safety equipment.
- participate in program related activities, like clinical placements, excursions, Congress, Events, internships and externships.
- undertake immunisations/vaccinations.
- Parking  and Transportation fees (including on campus transportation service)
- Language courses fees
- Life and Health Insurance fees
- Medical Services fees
- Societies and unions fees
- Sport Activities fees
- Office material and services (photocopies, Documents and Diploma issuing)

 All bench fees costs charged by the host institution must have been previously described in the Research Project submitted to the SwB Program or have been included in acceptence letter as desribed on item 5.